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(used)Batteries-for-Schools Program

Reducing waste, saving money, helping the environment...
We use a LOT of batteries everyday.
Every time you see a presenter with a radio microphone, that's two 'AA' batteries. Those batteries last usually last a day in the radio pack, but in the real world there is still plenty of charge in the battery to be used for something else.
In live events and broadcast, we don't wait for the battery to run out before we change it. You wouldn't want to be the person who ruins a live broadcast for the sake of a 50p battery...

"Why don't you just use rechargeable batteries?"
Many manufacturers are bringing out radio microphone units with built-in Li-ion batteries (like your 'phone), but this isn't across the board yet and most devices still like to use the old faithful AA battery.
So, we end up with lots of batteries that are a bit used, but probably fine for loads of uses - don't put them in your smoke-detector though, eh?
battery tester to check battery life
We test them, any that say 'replace' are sent for recycling. All the others are boxed up - we use some for testing purposes, the various clocks around our offices & warehouse, those of us with children take them home for toys - you get the idea.

We're now so busy, that we've got too many batteries! If your school or organisation, based in Essex, can use them, simply email "" giving us your details and when we have some available we'll drop them off.

Remember, these are used batteries, so even though they will probably last ages, don't use them for something really important (like your school concert night).
When you're done with them, they need to be recycled - you can bring them back to us if you don't have your own facility. Just make sure they don't go in the bin!