We were approached by the IT consultant and design contractor of the flagship Leica Mayfair store to provide a video-wall solution for one of the new customer spaces being

Leica Video Wall - mid-install
developed in Bruton Place, London. Leica are considered one of the finest premium camera brands in the world, with a history dating back to the 1930s and a reputation for outstanding customer service. The key to the requirement was quality, as the wall is to showcase the beautiful images produced by Leica's legendary S-SYSTEM cameras. We responded with an NEC panel solution consisting of three 46" LCD screens, with a DATAPATH X4 to split a 4k pixel wide image from Apple's Keynote across the screens. "We've used the DATAPATH to split large Keynote files across multiple projectors with edge-blends at events,
The finished productThe finished product
so it seemed obvious to use the same approach here. Although it is possible to use the software in the NEC units to do this, only by using the DATAPATH can we send the EDID to a MAC Mini to request the 3992 pixel by 768 pixels we need to keep everything at almost native resolutions with the very minimum of resampling. (In fact we only lose 6 pixels per screen!). The units are also built in to a wall, so we had to liaise carefully with the site manager before the install to ensure all the measurements were just right and ensure the screens would fit. The final result is stunning, and I think does justice to the images being displayed." EAVH also installed TurboSound TCS series speakers to provide sound reinforcement, plus the centre screen can be switched to an external VGA or HDMI input. Why do the external inputs not go to all three screens? "This was asked for at the start of the project, but we advised that because of
Showing the desktop of the Apple Mac Mini
Showing the desktop of the Apple Mac Mini
the ultra-wide aspect ratio of the wall, putting a video or presentation on here would either have to be scaled to fit, which would look very squashed, or half the image would be missing. Instead we provided connections to the centre only as a standard 16:9 screen, and provided a slide on the Keynote for this situation so that the outside pair of screens simply display the Leica logo." The new customer area is due to open in late April 2012. Find out more about the Leica Mayfair store here: www.leica-storemayfair.co.uk